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Date: 20th-21st January 2018

Two Day Weekend Workshop – An experience of understanding, working, healing and the application of energy.

Learn how to connect and work with energies, bringing to you an holistic approach on how to extend your physical world into an energetic world. The effects of energy on our reality, our mind, our emotions and our physical body. How to develop and work with our intuitions in creating a reality of positive abundance.

Dates: 20th – 21st January 2018
Time: 11am – 5pm
Address: Gooden Cottage , South Hill Avenue, Harrow, HA1 3PX

Integrating energy as an extension of our physical reality aligns us with our passion and our gifts. As we shift our awareness from creating unconsciously to creating consciously, we begin to discover the true nature of self. It becomes a journey of self discovery, excitement and adventure bringing back the joy that has been lost in our lives. Together we create a powerful shift in consciousness for ourselves, our planet and our future.” – Aang Aakha

When the Super Power of the Almighty created us, we were created with equal abilities and strengths – some of us hone those capabilities and make them shine; some others allow it to be shrouded with self doubts and apprehensions. We need to touch that corner of the mind, which lies untouched and allow it to shine like a beacon” – Shashi Desikan

What is the workshop about?

Learn how to connect and work with energies, bringing to you an holistic approach on how to extend your physical world into an energetic world. The effects of energy on our reality, our mental space, our emotions and our physical body.

In this interactive workshop you will receive the following:

  • Philosophy of existence – why we are here and how we can make ourselves and our circle better through manifestations.
  • Gain an understanding of energy and how to use it in everyday life. Learn the principles on working with energy.
  • Law of positive abundance.
  • Acknowledging our energies through our spiritual bend of mind.
  • Experience energy healing sessions as both the receiver and the practitioner.
  • Learn self healing techniques and the ability to assist others that wish to experience healing.
  • Learn how shift ones energy, also how to clear a space or an environment.
  • Working on Intuitions and allowing that strength to guide us.
  • Techniques in witnessing and realising the changes in ones reality.
  • The ability to connect with reality and making it tangible.
  • Experience energy activation and transmissions in opening and connecting your energetic aspect.

2 Day Weekend Workshop

Teaching, Application,
Healing & Activations

Cost: £120.00

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Can anyone attend this workshop?

  • Yes, anyone can attend this course, no experience required in meditation, energy or channeling.

How can this workshop benefit me?

  • This is for anyone that would like to experience the energetic aspect of self.
  • Anyone that would like to awaken to their healing potential.
  • Individuals that would like to accelerate and manifest change in their reality.
  • No skill level is required to attend this workshop.

What to bring?

  • A notebook and pen to make notes.
  • Light Lunch (Warm drinks provided with light snacks)

Travelling routes to workshop?

  • Metropolitan Line to Harrow on the Hill – from there it is a 10-15 minutes walk up the hill, past the famous and prestigious Harrow School. Alternatively Bus H17 going towards Wembley, to either Roxeth Hill Stop or Clementine Churchill Hospital. From Roxeth Hill Bus stop the walk is about 4 minutes – downhill, walking towards Wembley. South Hill Avenue comes on your right hand side. From Clementine Churchill Hospital Stop it is 3 minutes walk uphill, towards Harrow. South Hill Avenue comes on your left.
  • Piccadilly Line to Sudbury Hill – the walk from the station is about 12 minutes. Alternatively, Bus H17 going towards Harrow, to Clementine Churchill Hospital. (walking directions are as above from that stop)
  • Driving – there is plenty off street parking on the road.

Your Facilitators

Aang Aakha
Aang AakhaSpiritual Architect & Consultant
From computer architect to spiritual architect and consultant. My awakening has been a creative expression of the application of energy through the principles of design. Sharing the dynamics and application of etheric energy as trainer and facilitator. Assisting in creating accelerated change by redefining and restructuring the way we look at our world in manifesting a reality that is aligned to our souls desire. Founder of Sacred Heart Awakening.
Shashi Desikan
Shashi DesikanEducationalist, Teacher & Entrepreneur
My survival – I am an educationalist, teaching pure academics; train people for soft skills and an entrepreneur. My existence – A complete paleness encompassed me in its grips when I was expecting to ride the rainbow. I embraced the challenge head on, to emerge emancipated. Practice of Yoga, spirituality, law of abundance, philosophy of existence and tapping into my intense intuitions has been the path I have tread on for more than 15 years. There is no looking back, but only forward! I experienced Serendipity! It has truly been a fortunate stroke of Divine Providence. The same experience that I would like to spread and share.