Pathway to Love
Bali Retreat

Date:   22nd – 28th March 2020
Duration:   7 Nights
Location:   Bali – Indonesia

Join us on a retreat that is designed for you to connect and open to the love that exists within by awakening your connection to your Life Force, expanding your heart consciousness and radiating love both inwards and outwards. Transforming your life into loving and fun experiences.

Why Self Love?
Some of us have been searching for love in the wrong places, getting hurt on the way, letting people hurt us, even judging ourselves; because deep within we have forgotten that we have an infinite supply of love. During these 7 days, we will guide you towards opening the door to forgotten treasure that lies deep within you.

Retreat Program

We will help you gain insight and understanding into your current relationships including yourself, assisting you with the keys and energy transmissions in maintaining a loving relationship with yourself. Understanding your connection to the Life Force, also known as Source, Higher Self, Universe… bringing the remembrance of unconditional love.

Learn about yourself as a creative energy being and how your presence affects everything in the world around you. Learning how to accept and to let go, releasing the wounds from the past, creating a happier and loving you. Awakening to love consciousness retreat will expand the love that lies within, increase your self-worth and help you align you to your highest potential.

Our Self-Love retreat is the perfect gift to celebrate and love thyself! And we are preparing something very special for you!

Benefits Joining The Retreat

♡ Learn exercises in connecting with your energy and physical body, releasing stuck or blocked energies, recreating flow, understanding love, feeling supported and becoming radiant once again.

Energetic transmissions to assist you
– in sensing and connecting with yourself as an energy being
– in releasing energies (past trauma, pain, anger) to recreate flow within your body
– receiving guidance and insights

♡ Reawakening and opening your Sacred Heart – your connection to your Life Force / Source / Universe

♡  Learning how to connect with and receive guidance from The Heart Space.

♡ Recharge fully after giving yourself a well-earned rest in paradise.

♡ Experience this holiday in a magical place with a loving atmosphere and connections.

♡ Increase self-love and self- value towards yourself. 

Self Love Sessions
Discussions and Q&A
Connective Sessions
Energy Transmissions & Meditations
Receiving Physically & Energetically

Bodywork Sessions
Full Body Massages
Pranayama Breathing

Akashic Records
Accessing your own Akashic Records for getting clarity on your purpose/path.

Group Healing Immersions
Sacred & Divine Energetic Experiences
Receiving Energetically

Water Temple
Mother Temple
Mount Batur

Free Time
Personal time

Retreat Venue and Accommodation

The Dragon Lines of Bali

Hosted in Bali, a land of huge energy vortices, prayer, sacred temples and the crossing of the earths two Sacred Dragon Lines, representing the masculine and the feminine, the electric and the magnetic aspects of Spirit and the Self.

“The Earth as a living organism. What do the 2 Dragon Lines represent? The two dragon paths are the primary arteries of the living earth, circulating abundant life energies and other vital qualities worldwide. On a flat map, they form an infinity symbol; while on the sphere of the earth, they are great circles intersecting each other at Bali and Lake Titicaca. These energy arteries are, variously, known as ley lines, songlines, or dragon paths. Each path has a name: The Rainbow Serpent is a yin-feminine earth current which originates in Australia, at the world solar plexus chakra, and then encircles the globe, passing through Mt. Kailas, Sergiev Posad-Moscow, Glastonbury-Shaftesbury and Lake Titicaca. The Plumed Serpent, or Quetzalcoatl Current, is yang-male and originates from the world Gemini centre in southern Mexico. It then travels to Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji, Bali, and Lake Titicaca, as it moves around the world. Through meditation and ritual it is possible to stimulate the flow of earth energies in either direction along these great ley arteries.” Source:

The Package

Included in Self Love Bali Retreat:

  • All of the above including accommodation.
    • Breakfast and lunch provided. 
    • Dinner (at own cost) will be at various beautiful restaurants bringing different tastes, beauty and cultures.
    • Discount offered for sharing room.
  • Filtered and infused water, fresh juices and herbal tea.
  • Wonderful staff available to help you in any way.

What you would require for the retreat?

  • Light clothing and flip flops or sandals.
  • A Journal.
  • Travel Insurance – please note that travel insurance is required for the retreat stay.
  • Mosquito repellent (Natural preferred).
  • Contact us for reliable drivers for travelling around Bali and airport transfers.

Price of Retreat

£1200 pp*

£400* Deposit to Reserve Space

Please message for banking or PayPal details to transfer the deposit. 

* Deposit Non-Refundable

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Retreat Facilitator

Aang Aakha
Aang AakhaSoul Architect
In 2008, I experienced a massive transformation and re-awakening process in which I switched careers from being a computer architect to an energy practitioner and trainer. The journey of self-discovery began when I started looking for the meaning of my life and asking myself, ‘why am I here?’.

A whole new world opened up for me, a world of possibilities and I started meditating, experiencing energy, having visions and having experiences that literally seemed to melt my mind, like connecting with my Higher self.

This core experience with my Higher self has become the focus of my work and teachings and has led me to the creation of the Sacred Heart Awakening. A portal in which I share and assist others on their journey of awakening, developing their connections and shifting their perspective on reality.

Ilona Machaj
Ilona MachajFounder of Magic of Life
I am a certified Akashic Record Reader, a visionary, channeler, psychic, emotional healer and founder of Magic Of Life- Beyond The Five Senses. My deepest calling is to open people hearts to love and expand their connection to Source energy.

After my rapid awakening in 2014, I have gone on a journey of redefining myself, aligning with my gifts and higher purpose.

Akashic Records helped me take the big leap and today I’m using this powerful healing technique as the core tool of my sessions to offers my clients the opportunity to remember who they are at soul level -and from that higher perspective, to find clarity and understanding for the challenges and situations that are impacting their lives.